WildCo is growing!



We had a productive summer, with Erin, Jo, Dacyn and Deandra working hard on collecting, organizing and analyzing wildlife data and literature (Jo has kept all the lab computers running full throttle on her Bayesian SCR models!).


The fall 2017 semester is now ramping up and the excitement and energy of new people, projects, and ideas is filling the air!

Cole is having his first go at teaching FRST 395 Wildlife Ecology & Management, and the WildCo Lab is very happy to be welcoming new members embarking on a diversity of wildlife coexistence projects, including: Cindy Hurtado (PhD), Cheng Chen (PhD), Aisha Uduman (MSc), Joanna van Bommel (MSc), Francis Aurich (MSc), and Patrick Gibeau (directed studies). They are joining Jo Burgar (postdoc), Erin Tattersall (MSc), and Dacyn Hollinda (Honours). The lab bulletin board is filling up!

Stay tuned for exciting research updates to come … (and drop by to see us in FSC 2204).